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healthy_planet's Journal

Connecting personal & planetary health - naturally
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This community is being revamped to make the connection between personal health and the health of the planet. Post about either of these subjects, or the connexions between the two, are encouraged! Three people are being invited to co-mod, and I hope each one of them accepts, because each has great, relevant qualities, and I think all three would work together. Others are invited to join, and grow their interests in psychic health, herbal supplements, natural living, natural therapies, communion with nature, sustainability, anti-pollution, measures to help other species, learning about new ways to design cities and agriculture, exploring new economics, social and animal justice, and helping to slow the planet's careening towards extinctions, warming, pandemics, famines, and corruptions of environmental health. Until this profile page is better developed, more can be read in a recent post. If any new mod wants also to help design this page, add pics, etc., by being a maintainer, please go ahead and ask - because I want you to! Take care and be healthy! In mind, body, spirit and actions!


Here is the description of the community this once was... (It still applies today, although now, this community covers much more ground!) Be sure to tell your friends and help us grow! Making an impact begins with communication!

This is a new resource for people with cancer or chronic illnesses, and the people who care about them. This is also a resource for anyone simply wanting to know more about living healthy.

Medical advice is not offered here. Information and leads and sharing are offered here.

We are mostly interested in natural therapies. We are also interested in introducing, discussing and investigating ANY manner of alternative therapy. This includes nutrition, sleep, environment, stress-reduction, daily habits, personal spiritual empowerment, and so forth.

We discuss chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

We are not opposed to railing against conventional medical care or approaches, Big Pharm, etc.

We discuss the signs and physiology of cancer and related health disorders and processes.

We also discuss personal experiences of having cancer or chronic illness. We strive to provide a community of hope and empathy.

But, most of all, we are interested in discussing natural therapies for cancer.

Most natural anti-cancer therapies can be used by people who do not have cancer - to help them from getting cancer in the future, to help them avoid other chronic illnesses - or just to feel healthier, happier, more energetic and more positive about the future! Everyone is welcomed to join!

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